Photography – echoes of a history

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an English language-idiom first used in 1911 that continues to convey a great truth in present time.  We know a picture will engrave things onto the brain much deeper than words alone.   Photographs, in lay terms, or by the popular name, are called pictures.   But photographs are a lot more than just still images.  They are the art of precision, illumination, angle, setting, and creativity, combined and connected to the one handling the camera.

Photograph brings people and events a little closer to one’s heart when distance and circumstances hinder their presence together.  It stirs up memories and trigger emotions.  Photograph preserves what time strives to fade away, keeping the veracity of passed endeavours.   It keeps the past alive. It reveals the unspoken, the obscured, and the aura, whispering secrets and silencing lying lips.  It seals a covenant, a verdict; it registers “the” time.  Photograph echoes moments of a history.

Good photographers not only possess the good gear and talent, but the dexterity of a professional.  There are professionals and there are PROFESSIONALS.  I can say without restrictions that Studio 22 has professionals with capital letters.  I salute Studio 22 for its success but I know that behind its name there is the integrity of Kássio Silva as a photographer, a businessperson, and an individual in all areas of his life.  Wedding photography is his expertise.  He writes love poetry in the form of images.  Kássio has received many accomplishments on wedding photography, but his work extends far and beyond.  He also does lifestyle photography.  He’s not only attentive to every move and detail at the event or occasion he’s photographing, but also, when necessary, he’s a coach to the ones in front of the lens, achieving remarkable results.  His photographs speak the song of the soul being photographed.

I have the pleasure and the honor of knowing Kássio and share the same family tree.  I’m a proud sister of this man who has brightened our eyes with phenomenal images of his work.   I proudly encourage you to see for yourself and enjoy his art of wedding photography.  Then, follow Studio 22 on Instagram to be continuously mesmerised and inspired by the love stories recorded through Kássio’s camera lens.